International Paintball Group

International Paintball Group is the world’s largest Paintball promotions agency.

In our 15 year period we’ve established over 32 operating offices world wide. This makes IPG the world’s only, truly multi-national paintball promotions agency. 

The offices are centrally located in all the major cities, spread throughout the UK, Ireland, Australia, Holland, Canada, Sweden, Norway and New Zealand. 

IPG has achieved their rapid international growth by following four key mission points:
– IPG only promotes for the best quality paintball sites in the world.
– IPG offers the highest remuneration structure in the paintball promotions industry. 
– IPG promotes and encourages national and international travel opportunities within the company.
– IPG promotes a fresh and exciting product – The working environment created in each office is a direct result of the exciting product promoted.

IPG offers live in positions across the world and has 15 IPG houses across the UK so you can truly work while you travel
IPG offers weekly pay and flexibility to travel whenever you want for how long you want.